Wednesday, May 27, 2015

cargo dress

There's nothing like a great dress that you can just throw on and go. Usually I'm a layer-er but this cargo dress didn't call for any of that.

Creating the Look:
When it came to thinking of what to pair with this dress, I went neutral. As you know, I've been obsessed with the 70s and this dress takes me to that decade. In the 70s, colors were very muted tones and neutrals were all the rage (yup I said that lol). Since the dress was simple, I added detail with olive, lace up heels. To keep the neutral feel but add more detail, I wore a snakeskin clutch. After that, look didn't need anything else. The dress did all the talking!

H&M Dress | Zara Heels | Old Navy Clutch 

Monday, May 25, 2015

classic + socks

If you follow my blog you can see a little nostalgia in every one of my looks. I love to reference the great trends of the past and give them a little twist.

Creating the Look:
For this look, I went 50s. Lately I'm been obsessed with midi skirts. They make any look very classic, even when pair with a crop top. It was a cold spring day so I pair the midi with a sweater. I chose a deep burgundy sweater because of the contrast against the grey skirt. With all the deep and neutral colors, I decided to wear heels that pop. To add a corky, nostalgic twist, I wore white socks. I completed the look with jeweled earrings and a structured purse.

Old Navy Sweater | H&M Skirt | Target Socks and Purse | Charlotte Russe Earrings | Shoedazzle Heels

Sunday, May 17, 2015


I'm the #1 supporter of a statement necklace but with my latest obsessions with the 70s, scarves are grabbing my attention.

Creating the Look:
This look of course started with the scarf. I wanted the scarf to be the focus so I knew the look was going to be black and white. I wanted a look that was both edgy and sexy. This is where the faux leather jacket and sheer bottom, pencil skirt came into play. Since I had the scarf, I didn't need a decorative top. I went with a plain white tee. Since the details were simple, I continued that feel by wearing mules. I completed the look with 70s aviators and a snakeskin bag.

Thrifted Scarf | H&M Jacket and Shades | Gap Tee | Skirt via TJ Maxx | Old Navy Purse | Aldo Heels

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


If you follow this blog, you know that I love to combine blues. For this look I wanted to use that love for a fresh spring look.

Creating the Look:
This look started with my new floral, blue shirt. I wanted to pair the shirt with a bottom that was one of the color out of the print in the top. I chose electric blue because I wanted a subtle color change from the blue top. To make the blue on blue pop, I chose to wear a white blazer. It gave the look a fresh feel. I chose to wear subtle accessories like black mules and a black and white purse. I complete the look with jeweled earrings and a spring lip color.

H&M Top | Forever 21 Blazer | The Limited Pants | Aldo Heels | Target Purse | Charlotte Russe Earrings

Friday, May 8, 2015

relaxed girly

Lately I've been obsessed with oxfords and skirts. I think this recent obsession comes from my other obsession of mixing girly and sporty.

Creating the Look:
This look started with the skirt. The skirt in this look is one of my favorite skirts and I realized I hadn't wore it in awhile. Usually I wear the skirt with a contrasting top but I wanted to focus on a monochromatic look. I paired the skirt with a pale pink sweater. The color of the sweater was very similar to the khaki color in the skirt. I wanted to add shoes that popped but was still in the color scheme. I chose my silvery...goldish oxfords. They popped because of their metallic color and the fact that they were oxfords instead of heels. I wanted to add a pop of color to the look so I decided to add a magenta purse. This was a perfect color to add because its pink tone helped it stay in the color scheme of the look. I completed the look with a pink lippie and gold accessories.

H&M Sweater and Skirt | Target Oxfords and Purse | Forever 21 Earrings

Sunday, May 3, 2015

pink lady pt. 2

It's amazing how a simple shoe change can make a totally different outfit. I love to mix sporty and girly pieces. It gives the look an interesting twist.

Zara Jacket and Sneakers | Gap Button Up | H&M Skirt | Target Bag | Thrift "Y" Pin | Pearl Pin via Authorized Vendor for Alpha Kappa Alpha, Sorority Inc.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

pink lady pt. 1

At the beginning of spring, I'm always obsessed with pink...heck I'm obsessed with all pastels. Spring is my FAV season and I celebrate it when it arrives.

Creating the Look:
When creating a monochromatic look, flow is a big focus. It's rare that someone has multiple piece in the same shade of one color so you have to chose wisely of the shades you have. For this look, I chose pale pink. The placement of the shades was very important. One shade can't be in one area because it would make the other shades look out of place. In this look, I wore some pink pieces that had a more lavender tone so I could introduce the purpley-pink purse. I had a pale pink purse that I could of wore but the look needed dimension so I chose this purse instead. Since the look had a vintage feel (and I don't own a pearl Chanel pin lol), I completed the look with 2 brooches.

Stay tune for the next post where I show you another way to wear this look!

Zara Jacket | Gap Button Up | H&M Skirt | Forever 21 Shoes | Target Bag | Thrift "Y" Pin | Pearl Pin via Authorized Vendor for Alpha Kappa Alpha, Sorority Inc.