learning when to be selfish

Let's be real, I'm a millennial so I know how to be a little selfish but I was finding myself sacrificing everything I needed in order to grow for other people. It didn't hit me until I was talking to a guy who set aside a day every week to work on making his side hustle a career. One day I invited him to dinner but he refused to share his work day with non work related things. I was clearly hurt by that but then I took note. I realized his thinking was totally appropriate...will kinda. In the past I would plan work or self care days but would change them to accommodate a friend or guy. At the end of the day, I wouldn't have anything done for myself.

Don't get me wrong, hanging out with friends and dating is cool but you have to friend a balance. You have to make sure your affairs are in order and not sacrifice your goals. Honestly, you have to be selfish sometimes to have that balance. Below are the 3 steps I'm taking to find that balance. 


Say No

It's so hard for me to say no. I'm always afraid I'm going to disappointment someone but what I learned is you have to in order to grow. Knowing when its time to say no is so important. 

Plan Out Time for You

Self care is the best trend right now. I know that sounds weird but I believe some trends help bring awareness to a certain subject. I'm glad people are learning to make time for themselves. That peace is needed to have a clear mind to make money moves. Make sure you're adding your self care to your schedule. You are just as important as that 10am meeting. 

Be One Point with Your Schedule

Just to touch on my last point, a schedule is so important. Having a schedule makes me feel like I can do it all. It is the biggest tool to having a balance. I schedule hanging out with friends, events, self care...damn near everything lol. I hate feeling like I missed something and having a schedule eliminates that feeling.


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