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what is it about all black?

Yolande Macon2 Comments
what is it about all black?

You know how you think you know something until it's time to explain it. The other day my co-worker asked me why all the women wore black at the Golden Globes. I knew the answer when it came to TimeUp and Harry Weinstein but I didn't exactly understand why the color black. It wasn't until black influencers banned together to called out brands that refuse to work with them (better yet, against the glass ceiling for black women in the fashion industry) that I started to understand.

Throughout history wearing all black has been a sign of solidarity. Basically a group of people who say "fuck this shit" and start working together to fight a cause. Well, that's exactly what black influencers are saying all over social media. We are tired of working hard to be notice by companies that rather reference our culture instead of including our culture. Wearing all black means we are one and that we fight our battles as one.


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To me, the biggest battle is being ok with not being included. It's time for us to pour into each other. Grow each other. Below I'm sharing some of my favorite black influencers and black owned businesses. Check them out. Follow them. Buy from them. Support them!

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