haddish moments pt. 1

One thing I love about Tiffany Haddish is she’s real af. Especially when it come to her clothing and hard earned money. We all know about her favorite $4000 Alexander McQueen dress at this point and I love how real she was about putting that dress on repeat. I’m all about repeating my favorite pieces because my money doesn’t grow on tree so nothing is an “one hit wonder”.

Recently I did some early spring shopping at Zara and I wanted to show y’all How real I am about repeating pieces. My favorite purchase of my little shopping haul was this two piece and yellow biker jacket. For my next 3 post I’m going to show you how I break up this look to create some fun spring outfits.

Let me know what you think of this outfit and keep an eye out for the next 3!


Everything but the sunglasses are from Zara | Amazon Glasses