i want to be fruitful

A New Year

If you were anywhere near social media on Dec. 26 to…hmmm lets say January 2nd, you felt the pressure of preparing for the new year. From everyone’s instastories recapping 2018 to captions stating 2019 goals, the pressure was on—and I gave in 100%! 2018 was a world wind of a year for me. From being diagnosed with hypertension, traveling to Paris, being featured in Essence Magazine for the first time, almost losing my life—2018 definitely took me for a ride. But I feel like it drove me right to 2019. All that happened to me really made me see how blessed I am in the midst of turmoil. It reminded me of God’s grace, love and mercy. Basically, God is lookin’ out for ya girl! With a year like last year, there is no reason for me to believe I’m not going to have an OD blessed year.


In the past years I wrote goals, said things like “this is my year” and “new year, new me” but I never truly understood the work that was involved in hitting my goals and really making it my year. Then Dec 31st would hit and I would feel like I wasted the year. Well this year isn’t like any other year. After having a near death experience, I got my crap together. I’m not still on this earth to be mediocre or just ok. I’m here to be extraordinary because I was created with extraordinary intentions.

With this understanding, I’m determined to make sure 2019 isn't like my lackluster attempts of the past years. I have to make sure I stay on my goals and accomplished everything I set out to do. So last week I sat down and asked myself what type of year I wanted to have? What did I want to accomplish? I came to the conclusion that I want everything I set out to do in the past. I want everything I quit because of fear. I want to conquer fear so I came be fruitful. And that was it, I named 2019 Fruitful.

My favorite verse is John 15:16 “ You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit—fruit that will last—and so that whatever you ask in my name the Father will give you.” This verse was exactly what came to mind when I decided how I want 2019 to go. As I was having my little sit down, I had to be real with myself and understand that being fruitful is beyond just receiving blessings—there’s work involved. I had to break it down so I could truly understand the definition of fruitful and what it took to live my best fruitful life (yes i’m making that a slogan, don’t steal it).


How to Live Your Best Fruitful Life

After breaking it down what it meant to be fruitful, I came up with 5 keys to share with you guys.  

1. Understanding You Already Bear the Fruit

Honestly all the answers on how to be fruitful are in John 15:16 but I said 5 keys so that’s what I’ll do. This verse gives so much insight on who we are to God and the purpose he has for us. Let me break down this verse so you can see what I mean. 

“ You did not choose me, but I chose you”

This first part is 🙌🏾! It basically says we didn’t have to do anything to be chosen by God. There wasn’t an interview process, rigorous initiation, or application. We did not have to do anything for his love and purpose over our lives because he chose us.  

“and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit”

God not only chose us but chose us for a purpose. Before we even had breath in our bodies, God trusted us with an assignment (our purpose). This means in order for him to give us an assignment he already knew our capabilities and that we were able to do the task at hand. 

 “fruit that will last”

When I read “last”, I think of lasting impression. Nothing mediocre leaves a lasting impression so that means God has given us an assignment that is impactful. This task will last which means its beyond us. It will impact generations to come.

“and so that whatever you ask in my name the Father will give you.”

Since we are on God’s assignment, he is our resource. As we set out to bear fruit, God is here to supply us with the water to water the fruit, the team to pick the fruit and the fertile soil to plant the seeds that came from the previous fruit. We are not on assignment without support. If we need it for our assignment, we ask and it’s ours.

So in the end, this verse reassures us that we were created with purpose and the capabilities to live out that purpose. By understanding that we already bear the fruit, we can eliminate all that holds us back from completing our assignment (purpose) and move toward a more fruitful life.


2. Separate What You Know From What You See

One thing that can definitely effect our fruitfulness is thinking our current situations always reflect our purpose. That’s the lies the devil likes to feed us but we must hold tight to God’s promise. We have to separate what we know from what we see. We know we serve a good God who is intentional. All things that happen to us contribute to the good that God has for us. Yes, we may see bills piling up, job denial after job denial or nothing because your lights are turned off and you’re literally in the dark 🤣. We have to have faith beyond what we see because we KNOW we were created to bear fruit that last.

3. Manifesting

Claim your fruit! It’s already there now go claim it! Often we think that manifestation is the act of making something out of nothing but it’s actually us bringing out what’s already there. Manifesting is us planting the seed of our fruit.

4. Knowing That You Already Have it

Nothing kills plants and its fruit like taking away its resources. It’s the same when it comes to our fruitfulness. Instead of water and fertilizer, we need faith. When seeking a fruitful life we must have a God confidence in everything we do. We must walk around believing that we already possess what we need to live out our purpose.


5. Stick With God

Fruitfulness mostly comes from a change in our mindset which only comes when we spend time with God. The devil tells many lies that are designed to take us off the path of our purpose. He tries to make us believe we do not bear fruit but when we stick with God and stay in his presences his lies are exposed. We are no longer able to be taken off our paths because we have a clear vision of God’s plan. The limits the devil tries to make us believe don’t affect us anymore. With God we are free of worry and we are free of doubt because we are close to the source of our fruit.

I pray that this finds you peace in 2019. Helps you have a clearer vision and understanding of who you are and the significance of your creation. You were put on this earth to live a fruitful life and nothing can get in the way of that not even Instagram algorithms 😒. So cheers to a new year and living our best fruitful lives!


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