Lately I’ve been asking myself what my summers were like before the declaration of hot girl summer? 

As we start to settle into fall, I’ve decided to do some reflection on my summer. I don’t know if it’s because my inner hot girl manifested or I was just fed up with saying things I didn’t do but this summer was truly blessed. What I do know is it was all God. I just started to do the work he’s been asking me to do. Before I jump into how my hot girl summer went, I need to take you back. In order for you to feel what I feel, you have to know my prior battles. 

On March 4th, I went into my terrible job and was called into the office upon arrival. My manager nervously (cowardly...sorry still working on forgiveness) told me I was being let go. This was the first time that I felt relief from such bad news. I had no money in savings and no clue what I was going to do but I knew I had to instantly write some unemployment goals. Prior to getting let go, I prayed for more time with my own brand and a way out of that job (man, God can be real literal sometimes 😅). So with tears in my eyes but gratefulness in my heart I wrote my goals. A lot of these goals require money that I did not have but I knew this was all God so I couldn’t let that factor deter me from accomplishing all that I sat out to do. 

Within a week of putting my trust in God and writing my goals, I started to receive emails from brands willing to pay for my work. Prior, I was only paid once for my work. Soon as I got let go from my job, the checks started coming. You couldn’t tell me that wasn’t God! With this confirmation, I started putting in work on accomplishing my goals. At this point you couldn’t tell me nothing! 


My first goal was to create a space for women of color to form a supportive community. With being in a space where I needed community more than anything, I was inspired to start a dinner series. Let me remain y’all I had no money. I was BROKE broke. Yes checks were coming in but rent and other bill had to be paid. I began to reach out to brand for sponsorship including the space, drinks and gift bags. Instantly I received yeses for the gift bag items and drinks but the space was where my faith had to double down. It was a week before the event and I still didn’t have a space. I was feeling defeated. Then I looked around and saw all the boxes of gift bag items and drinks. I thought to myself there was no way God made all this work to leave me at this point. Within a couple of days I had a space! Once again you couldn’t tell me nothing! Which was good because my caterer dropped the same day. It was a never ending battle but I knew I had come too far. With the help of my amazing friends, I was able to get food, cook it and make this thing happen. 

On June 15th, a week before of summer, I hosted 8 amazing women for my dinner series “let’s do lunch”. My mind was blown that a fired, broke but blessed girl was able to pull this off. On top of that I was able to create a space for women of color which has been my goal for years. Out of all times I could of accomplished this goal, I did it when I had no money, shaken faith, and no job. This is how my hot girl summer began. 


The blessings kept rolling in after that! Instead of boring you with the details, check out my blessed timeline.

Blessed #HotGirlSummer Timeline 

  • hosted 2 dinner parties with $0 

  • Won 2 afropunk vip tickets 

  • Got to flex my entrepreneur muscles 💪🏾 

  • Attended the most shows and events I've ever attended during fashion week 💁🏾‍♀️

  • Got to connect with the most amazing women doing incredible things 

  • Found my strength during a time I was suppose to be weak (suck it devil!)

  • Got to work with some super dope creatives 

  • Got checks from some major brands 💰

  • Gained a community 

Sn: Y’all it took me forever to write this post. I spent all day crying because I felt weak, unworthy, useless and defeated. Then I found enough strength to finish this post and I’m so happy I did on this day. I needed this post more than anything. I needed a reminder of who God is. It’s hard out in these streets but God never leaves us. He’s always on time and always looking out. Times may get hard. The devil may double down on his attacks but my God is bigger, stronger and wiser. I hope this post helps you reevaluate how life is really going and shows you how on purpose you are. Thank you for reading and I love you! 😘 

On that note, look at all the pretty things I wore this summer. Real hot girl stuff!