Celebrating Our Season of Patience

This week I met up with a friend who I was talking to about my business and the growth I wanted to see in it. As I was freaking out about my brand and  all that I wanted to accomplish, she simple said “You have to have patience”. Now this is something we all know and hear but find hard to practice. After leaving her, I knew it was true that I had to be patient but it wasn’t until today that I understood how to celebrate my season of patience. 


To grow my business, I have been putting in overtime and working nonstop. Today I had a shoot and a project to do but all I wanted to do was sleep. I knew sleeping in wasn’t an option so I got my butt up. As I was getting ready, I realized this was just the beginning because once my season of patience ends and the prayers I waiting on are answered, the busyness will increase. 

With that thought, I started to praise my season of patience. By I having to wait and not currently having much on my plate, I have the time to learn, grow, make mistakes, take risk, and try new things. Basically I have time to prep from my blessings. I’ve always say I don’t want a blessing before its time and that exactly why God has me in this season. I’ve seen plenty of people skipping over seasons of patience and receiving work that overwhelmed them then failed because they weren’t prepared. It’s like they had the blessing but were too early so couldn’t handle it.


There is no skipping over the season of patience. So it’s best to enjoy it. Having this season, allows us to flourish in our next one. 

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