I've never taken picture at night but since I got my new camera it's now an option! It's great because the flash didn't wash out the outfit. For this outfit, I started with my blue floral crops. For the last year, I've been addicted to all things blue...whether navy, electric, or turquoise. If you take a look back at previous post, you'll notice my addiction. I love combining blues with neons like my pink pump, which are another addiction. So, with that said, this outfit started from the bottom. Moving up, I wanted to wear a simple top but not too simple like a white button up or white tee. I feel like a denim shirt is an essential that every woman should have because it's simple but interesting. I added my color block blazer because it added more detail to the outfit without over doing it. To complete the look, I wore my blue on blue rhinestone earrings to bring out the colors in the pants. This is the start of night time pictures!

The Limited Crops | The Limited Blazer | Denim Button Up via TJMaxx | H&M Pumps | Target Bag | Forever 21 Earrings