I'm the #1 supporter of a statement necklace but with my latest obsessions with the 70s, scarves are grabbing my attention.

Creating the Look:
This look of course started with the scarf. I wanted the scarf to be the focus so I knew the look was going to be black and white. I wanted a look that was both edgy and sexy. This is where the faux leather jacket and sheer bottom, pencil skirt came into play. Since I had the scarf, I didn't need a decorative top. I went with a plain white tee. Since the details were simple, I continued that feel by wearing mules. I completed the look with 70s aviators and a snakeskin bag.

Thrifted Scarf | H&M Jacket and Shades | Gap Tee | Skirt via TJ Maxx | Old Navy Purse | Aldo Heels