Although it's spring, the cold weather still lingers. Lately I've been wearing outfits that give me the best of both worlds. For this look, I got some of the colors of spring, but with the warmth of the winter. 

Creating the Look:
This look started with the pink jacket. This jacket is perfect for the transition of the seasons. A spring color with a winter warmth. I wanted the whole outfit to emulate the idea of spring but winter, so I paired the jacket with a classic winter item, a plaid button up. I kept the bottom simple with slim leg slacks. I decided to add chunky loafers for 2 reason. First, I like the chunkiness against the slim leg slacks. Second, the forest green color made me think of the forest and lumber jacks with plaid shirts live in the forest. Yes, I get fashion inspiration from everywhere. Although this look had a pink jacket, it was a masculine look. I decided to add feminine jeweled earrings. Last, I went back to the masculine by adding a ribbed beanie.

Zara Jacket and Loafers | Gap (men's) Button Up | The Limited Slacks | Target Earrings and Purse | Dollar Tree Beanie