Bold colors and prints always make an eye catching outfit. The key to a perfect look with bold colors and prints it to know when to stop. 

Creating the Look:
This outfit started with the electric blue pants. Because they were a super bold color, I paired them with a simple black and white top. I added another simple color by wearing a black faux leather jacket. Since accessories are small, I decided to continue the boldness with them. First, I added my leopard boots. There's two reasons the leopard boots worked in this look. One, the print is made of neutral colors so it can go with anything. Two, it was the only print in the outfit. To complete the look, I added a yellow bag. Yellow and blue always pair well together. By using neutrals in a bold look, I was able to add mulitlple bold colors and print. I rarely wear a look that has more than 3 colors (not including neutrals) unless it's a print. 

H&M Top and Jacket | The Limited Pants | Zara Heels | Target Earrings | Target x Phillip Lim Mini Satchel Bag | Mac Viva Glam Lipstick