Some people prefer to wear "all black everything" but I’m an "all color everything" kind of girl. The more color the better...when paired right. For this outfit, I started at the bottom. Lately, I've been in love with the pairing of navy and tomato so I wore my tomato scrappy sandal with my navy floral pants. To neutralize the look, I wore my white and gray tee. Once I got to this point of the look, I felt like something was missing. Because of my latest addiction to neon yellow, I decided to wear my neon, tweed jacket. When the outfit was complete, I felt like a garden. All the colors in the outfit worked perfectly because of the neutrals in the outfit. The tee and the cream in the pants created the opportunity for me to add multiple colors. 

Target Jacket | Gap Tee | The Limited Pants | Forever 21 Heels | Target Handbag | Forever 21 Earrings