Ever since I saw Zara's neon blazer with side zippers, I wanted it. Unfortunately when I got around to purchasing it, they were sold out. I was on the lookout for this blazer or something similar for months until I saw this pink one in my sorority sister's closet. I begged and begged until she gave in. With all that said...this outfit started with the blazer. I wanted the blazer to be the focus so I paired it with neutrals. Although I chose neutrals, I still wanted those items to add to the look. The details of my wrap sweater added to the look without taking the focus from the blazer. I wore my chain necklace because it picked up the color of the zippers. After it was all assembled the blazer was still the focus!

Forever 21 Blazer | Sweater via Marshall's | The Limited Skirt | Heels via Thrift | Accessorize Necklace | Coach Bag