If you're excited like I am, you've been counting down the days for this collection's premiere! If you haven't heard of this designer or this collaboration, you've been under a rock. Whether you've heard of him or not, take a peek at my favorite pieces from the collection. Go to Target.com to see the full collection. Hope you like it...see you at the camp out saturday night lol! xoxo -Yolande

 Sweatshirt, $29.99

Dress, $39.99 

Dress, $39.99

Blazer, $49.99 | Shorts, $26.99 

Dress, $49.99 

Dress, $39.99 

 Dress, Unknown price

 Heels, $39.99

 Sandals, $29.99

 Bracelets, $16.99 each

Earrings $16.99 | Necklace $39.99