Some times people associate certain colors to certains season, but not me! I believe color can be associated to your mood...kind of like a mood ring. I felt like being vibrant this day so I went for color. For this outfit, I started with a print because I believe it can also be linked to vibrant. I chose my cheetah print sweater and I knew immediatly I wanted to wear it with color. After throwing on my slim leg pants (for silhouette), I add my hot pink belt. Then, I added my blue rhinestone earrings. After that, I felt like the outfit was almost complete. I didn't feel like I hit my vibrant goal. When I went back into my closet, I knew instantly my blue corduroy jacket was the missing link!

Old Navy Jacket | Old Navy Sweater | The Limited Pants | Wet Seal Belt | Target Pumps | Forever 21 Earrings