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as if...

Yolande Macon2 Comments
as if...

So I’ve been meditating on being my best self. Living to my fullest potential. In order to do that, I have to make some change. I have to cut off things that are holding me back. I can’t change people or even certain situations in my life but I can change how I respond to them. Since this look is so Clueless-esque, I made of list of things I’m saying “as if” to. Read it and let me know if it speaks to you. Hey, even leave a comment of things you’re saying “as if” to in order to be your best self. 


Relationships that have no purpose  

Time and time again I allow people in my life who serve no purpose. Whether it’s friends, men, etc, I allow people, who don’t deserve it, have a piece of me. Sometimes we have to remember what we offer to the world and understand that everyone doesn’t deserve what you offer. I’m learning I have to let them observe me from a far. I find myself chasing men who aren’t worth my time just to pass time or trying to build a friendship with toxic people. These purposeless relationship eventually start to eat away at your character and turn you into some you can’t recognize. We don’t have to be every ones friend or girl to be a kindhearted person.



I find my myself living in a pool of excuse. I’m in the process of making my passion my full time job while having a full time job. After a long day of work at my 40hr job, I find myself in bed and complaining about how I don’t have any energy for my blog. Month go by without any post. Ideas come and go because “I don’t have the time” or “can’t find a photographer” or “need to do laundry” or blah blah blah. At this point I’m tired of hearing that shit from myself. At the end of the day, I just have to make it work. Will it be hard? Yes of course! But I know it will be worth it in the end.



I will no longer allow fear to cripple me. To make me believe I can’t be my best self. Always thinking of the what could go wrong. I remember seeing my favorite artist Nao perform at Afropunk and she said she didn’t think her music would reach the US (she’s from the UK). Then she went on to say “hey just try some shit”. I honestly been trying to live by that since then. It’s simple but so right.


Comparing myself to others

Although i understand that my talent and destiny is specific to me, I find myself looking at other people’s blessings. Telling myself I’m not smart enough, pretty enough, creative enough, rich enough. I was planting so many negative seeds that I started to believe them but fuck that! That’s not a way to live. We should be celebrating each other. Encouraging each other. Obtaining wisdom from each other. Not using people as away to destroy ourselves. 


Beating myself up  

This was kinda covered in the other 4 points but it needs to be repeated. Failure is apart of learning. I will not be my best self 100% of the time. I will fall short. I’m started to understand the recovery is the most important part. Will I stay down and dwell on the failure? Or will I accept that I am human and that failure is inevitable. 


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