emerging from the darkness

emerging from the darkness
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Emerging from the darkness can seem like the hardest thing you can ever do. When everything is going wrong and it feels like the world is beating you up, it can seem impossible. Today I want to share my testimony and talk about how I recently emerged from the darkness.

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I moved to NYC in October 2015 for work and I knew living in my dream place was a blessing from God. The job that brought me to NYC, quickly turned bad and I didn't feel like I was advancing with my career in fashion. Before moving to NYC, I was in a job that depressed me for 3 years. Even through it all, I knew that job was preparing me for my harvest God had for me so I remained faithful through those years.  

After the NYC job went sour, I begin loosing faith in the promise God had for me. At this time, I also entered a relationship that also went sour. I was in a bad job and a bad relationship. The thought of this pushed me more and more into the darkness. I became angry at the world and God. Questioning why he sent me to another bad job and relationship. I wasn't able to see the His light.

In September 2016, my boyfriend and I broke up on a Monday and I was let go from my job on the Friday of that same week. The devil had a plan to finish me off and keep me in the darkness but God showed me His light at the same time. The two most stressful things in my life were wiped out. This was His light!

It became undeniable that he still loved me. The following week was NYFW. I was broke and broken hearted but God's light was shining brighter than those problems. During fashion week, I noticed God started placing people in my life that would be a part of my emergence. People who had the light of God in them. People who weren't afraid of being vulnerable and speaking of their past in the dark. It was then my purpose was revealed.

One thing I love to do is blog but I never thought of it as a career for me. During fashion week, God revealed to me that blogging was going to be my career. Not only for me but for His light. The people who God used for me to see His light, encouraged me to carry that light. To be that person to others. What better way than through my blog. My love for fashion soon became a beacon for God's light. He told me that my job was to encourage personal growth through personal style. 

The greatest defense to darkness is light. It helps you see. It reveals your purpose. It guides your path. God is that light. 

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Photography: @Hypedh