let's be real
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Do you ever spend time getting real with yourself? Understanding the difference between life circumstances that are enviable and ones cause by you? Well recently I had to sit with myself and really analyze how I was slowing up my process of learning, growing, and accepting. I had to understand and be real about the fact that I was holding myself back from living to my fullest potential. I wanted to share this with you guys because I know i'm not alone in this. We are all perfectly created (flaws and all), therefore we have the power to change the world but first we must understand what we need to change. Below are the things I had to be real with myself about. I hope this helps you in your journey of living to your fullest potential and best life. 

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My Outlook

I was walking around with a negative outlook on life and I thought if I prayed for positivity, it would happen. Well that's definitely not how it works. God needed to see some action from me. He needed to see that I was willing to change my thinking. I was at the point that I was convincing myself that I was curse and that negativity I was carrying was becoming so heavy. Although God needed to see a change in my thinking, He was there every step of the way. Showing me how to dig myself out of the negative hole I created. I started fighting ever negative thought with the truth of God.

God tells me all things are possible. God tells me he will always be there. God tells me I'm in the right place at the right time. So basically my faith defeats negativity. My trust in His purpose for my life keeps my positive outlook.

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My Hustle

Being the youngest in my family, I didn’t have to work hard to achieve things. There was always someone there to take care of things for me. This ended once I moved to one of the hardest places to live, New York City. I knew I wanted to do blogging full time, so I knew I had to learn how to hustle. I had to be real and admit that I barely had a hustle spirit like the women who raised me, my mom and oldest sister. I had to understand that I needed to work harder than I’ve ever worked. I had to push myself. Also, I sat with myself and was real about how I worked and what motivated me. That helped me come up with a plan for developing a hustle spirit. 

My Punctuality 

Lord if this isn't my hardest lesson! When I was younger being late was cute haha, "Fashionably Late." Now it's just annoying to me and those waiting on me. It's also disrespectful. Once again I had to be real with myself because I was running late to photoshoots, missing deadlines with companies I was working with, keeping friends waiting, etc. How could I possibly grow my business and build relationships if it wasn't respecting the time needed for those things? I had to really work on staying true to a schedule and understand when it was time for focusing on one task and when it was time for multitasking. 


So basically, being real yourself is how you maximize your best life. Am I still (and will continue) working on these things? Yes of course! I am human so I'm not perfect and neither are you. Please don't forget that. Make sure you understand the difference between being real and being hard on yourself. 

I hope this speaks to you! If so, get it poppin' in the comments section!


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